Friday, November 14, 2014

All the Pretty Flowers...

I know, I know... Fall is turning into Winter, and there's news of snow but our Spring Fling will start shipping to stores on November 15th! And, who can ever tire of looking at gorgeous flowers? :)
Do you love the idea of Tallulah fabric on your walls as pictured above? Here is a great tutorial: DIY Fabric Starching on anything.

For the free quilt pattern above, click here.

Shayla and Kristy (from Sassafras Lane Designs) made a gorgeous quilt for our booth at Quilt Market using Diamond Alley with Cordelia, Dim Dots and Trelliage. I just love how it turned out!
For more information about Diamond Alley, visit Sassafras Lane.

Have a great weekend!


Friday, November 7, 2014

Sewing Studio :: Quilt Market 2014 Recap...

We thought that we would create a fun kid's studio space for Quilt Market in our booth-- turns out, adults love it too!

List of items pictured above...
(Just click on the item below for details)
1. HELLO KITTY SEWING MACHINE! Thanks for letting us borrow it, Janome!
4. Crayon Gems (so cool!)
5. a stack of multi colored ribbon
6. Assorted Washi Tape
7. Zippers
8. Thread
9. Mod Podge (This is what we used to decorate the wooden letters)
Looking for a tutorial for Mod Podge? Just click here.
12. Rolling Cart in turquoise 
13. Assorted fabric bundles from our newest kids collections!
And, a close-up of that super cute Hello Kitty machine by Janome! I would love to take it for a spin :)
The reading/relaxing corner was right next to the kid's sewing studio...
Here, we featured Origami Oasis by Tamara Kate and our new mascots, Matilda the giraffe and Peanut the elephant (thanks to our friends on Instagram for the cute names!)

If you're interested in the items above, just click on the links below!
2. Peanut
3. the cool white rocking chair
4. Starry Migration (a free downloadable quilt pattern)
5. Grassland (a free downloadable quilt pattern)

 Stay tuned for the next installment of Quilt Market Recap!


Friday, October 31, 2014

It's a Fiesta! Quilt Market 2014 Recap...

It was all about bright colors and a fiesta in the Michael Miller booth at Quilt Market! The inside of the booth was decorated with paper flowers, paper garland and an array of beautiful quilts made from the Fiesta Collection. (I'll post them below along with links to all of the patterns.) But first, set-up! 
 Quilt Market reminds me of a theater production- probably because I studied theater and costumes  in school but also because you start with an empty space, build your booth and then break it all down to the same empty space. There's definitely something magical about it...
The framework is starting to go up... 
 followed by colorful, Cotton Couture covered walls!
*notice Rob's most festive set-up outfit :)
Next, the paper decorations...

We also had Fiesta mood boards and quilts as inspiration around the booth.

 *Solar Eclipse (above) :: pattern by Elizabeth Hartman

 *Fiesta by Tamara Kate (pattern coming soon!)


Stay tuned for more Quilt Market Recaps next week!

AdiĆ³s for now! 

xo, kait

*Mike, Lindsay and Ben in the booth

P.S. Be sure to check out Rob's Quilt Market video so you can see a little behind-the-scenes action!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Sheri Cifaldi-Morrill :: MMF & MQG Winner!

Hello everyone! I am incredibly honored to both be a guest blogger today and one of three winners of the recent Modern Quilt Guild/Michael Miller Fabric Challenge using the Petal Pinwheels collection.

*Me and my partner-in-crime (my dog, Whitney) in my studio
Having majored in graphic design in college, I have always been drawn to all things design. I remember first seeing quilts by Gee’s Bend and Denyse Schmidt in publications about 10 years ago. I purchased modern quilting books and always told myself “one day I’ll make a quilt”. At the time, I was really intimidated to just dive in. Fortunately, the books didn’t just collect dust on the bookshelf. An interactive children’s exhibit I designed about five years ago was heavily influenced by the patterns and stitching in many modern quilts. Those books were a major source of inspiration.

About two years ago I had a strong urge to find something to focus my energy on outside of my full-time job. I decided one day, after a co-worker showed me a quilt he just finished, that it was time to dive in. That night, I went home, cracked open a quilting book and made a list of materials I needed to purchase the next day so I could get started. After that, I was hooked.

My full-time hobby is now quilting and I try to spend at least an hour each day in my studio (one of the converted bedrooms in my home). Quilting is a source of therapy and mindfulness for me. It keeps me in the present moment and quiets my mind. I am grateful to have discovered it and the modern quilting community. 

*Me sewing at a recent quilting workshop 
*Photo credit: Parthena Wollen
What’s next? As a designer at heart, I’ve always been drawn to patterns and color. I have started to design and create my own quilt and fabric patterns. I always carry a sketchbook with me and then finalize designs in Adobe Illustrator. 
*Picnic Petals Quilt
*front: detail
*back: detail
The inspiration for my quilt, Picnic Petals, was the Petal Pinwheels fabric collection as a whole, but specifically the Tile Pile pattern. Going into the challenge, I looked at a lot of photos of pinwheels, flowers and sketched elements of these objects to study how I could convey organic shapes and movement in my quilt. As a relatively new quilter, this was the first time I worked with curved elements. This challenge encouraged me to work with fabric patterns and techniques I might not normally work with. Many thanks to MichaelMiller Fabrics and The Modern Quilt Guild.